Harper’s ® Craft Beers On Tap

Since all of our craft beers are made on site, we rotate beers based on the season, and whenever our brewer gets an itch, and he’s a scratchy guy. Here are some you may find on a handle.
Harper’s Spartan Wheat ®
Harper's most popular beer, Spartan Wheat is a rich flavored, light colored wheat beer that any beer drinker can enjoy.
Harper’s ® Ale
A very light, crisp, mild ale made with the finest imported organic malt and German hops.
Harper’s ® Grove St. Pale Ale
Grove St. Pale Ale has a strong hoppy taste suited to those who enjoy pale ales and IPAs.
Harper’s ® Honey Ale
A golden ale made with Star Thistle honey from Traverse City.  Slightly sweet, honey flavor balanced with German Melon hops.

Harper’s ® Coffee Cream Porter
A sweet dark ale made with lactose and locally roasted Mexican coffee from Craft and Mason Roasters.  Sweet, creamy, coffee flavors dominate this substantial beer.

Harper’s ® Irish Red
An amber colored beer made with imported organic malt and English hops.  Malty flavors with a nice roasty, toasted finish. 

Organic Beer
In an effort to provide the highest-quality and freshest beer to our customers, we use organic malt in both Harper’s Ale and Irish Red. We know that using organic ingredients in our beers reduces the risk of exposure to our customers to toxic pesticides and chemicals.
And that’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about when tipping back a few!